Loading Customer Owned Inventory to new system

  • 6 December 2019
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We are in the process of implementing IFS10 having previously used IFS2003. Our inventory is customer owned. We want to use data migration to load our WIP (inventory parts in stock) into IFS10 but have come across the restriction that customer owned inventory cannot be received via NREC. So we’re looking at using Purchase Orders but with many tens of thousands of individual serial numbers this seems a big overhead.

Is there a recommended way of bulk receiving customer owned inventory?

1 reply


Greetings, Andrew,

There is a way to load inventory records into IFS Apps 10 using the Migration Job functionality (nav path: Solution Manager > Data Management > Data Migration > Migration Job). There you can create a new job and configure to suit your import preferences, as well as create the data mapping to match the import file to the IFS view (in this case INVENTORY_PART_IN_STOCK) where the data will reside. Remember to fully qualify the inventory part with config ID, lot/batch, serial, Eng Change Lev, and W/D/R. There is a column for PART_OWNERSHIP and OWNING_CUSTOMER_NO.

There are a couple of things that I would caution you about: this job does not create an inventory transaction, for example the NREC you referenced above, which may not be a problem during a upgrade migration, but may cause auditing issue during normal operations. And as I mentioned before, don’t forget to fully qualify the inventory part, as you might overwrite existing records depending on the migration job Procedure Name chosen.