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  • 12 August 2020
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If user have worked in company authorizing invoices it’s not possible to remove access to this company. The connection to  invoice posting authorizer is preventing the removal of company access.

The invoice posting authorizer cannot be removed once user have authorized invoices, here you can only phase use out by adding a valid until date.

Is there a way around this to block access to this company for the user?

In our system we have mulitple companies and as users move around between the companies this becomes an issue.


3 replies

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I’ve just tried this myself in my own environemnt and also cannot remove users from company after they have authorised supplier invoices - if I were you I would raise this case with support as a bug.


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In  app 9 It is standard that you can not take away the invoice posting authorizer when it has been used. What you can do is to take away the employee from the user of the company in function user per company.   

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I raised a ticket with IFS on this and received the following answer:


The IFS product development team has reached to me with their feedback and as per them, I'm afraid there is no direct solution to address your reported issue.


They suggested to work around the issue by creating a new user.