performb_backup.cmd missing in IFS8

  • 28 July 2020
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Hi All,


In IFS8 document, it is mentioned that “performb_backup.cmd” file is in <IFS_HOME>/instance/<INSTANCE>/bin for middleware backup, but it is not present in any environment we have.

If anyone has this file, please share.


Else please guide how to backup & restore IFS8(SP1) on different host.


Thanks & Regards

Shitanshu Sharan 

1 reply

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The perform_backup.cmd script is introduced from APP8 SP1 version where IFS MWS is present. Are you referring to the correct documentation for APP8 SP1?  The script is programmed to backup files from IFS MWS server so it will not work in your case - since you should be having JBOSS application server since you are having APP8 SP1 version. 


As the backup, you can shutdown all the services and then compress the whole IFSHome folder as a zip file and restore when needed. You can use scripts in folder IFSHome\instance\<instance_name>\bin to uninstall and install services where required. 


Hope this answers your questions.