NVL in Business Reporter

  • 12 January 2021
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Hi All,


Is it possible to use NVL function in Advanced filter in Business reporter?  

I got a customer requirement to have the ‘Branch’ (code_b) parameter to 

Leave blank for all, select one or multiple in a BR report.

Do you have any suggestions to achieve this in BR?


what I tried is 

  • I defined ‘Branch’ as an optional parameter.


  • and used it in the Advanced filter as shown below.


  • it was giving the below error


Thank you!

3 replies

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Hi Disnam,

Can you further explain what do you mean by ‘Leave blank for all, select one or multiple in a BR report.’?  Does that mean that the parameter value should be null when you want to select all the branches? 

Best Regards,


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Hi Nisansala,


Yes, you understood correct. 


Thank you!




Hi - I am also tring to figure  out how to do things the “SQL way”, and my first try would have been something like your example, or (DIM.CODE LIKE ‘&Param OR &Param IS NULL). Neither worked. I also tried to define fixed string parameter &pct with a value of % to  use in the NVL, but that didn’t help either.


It seems that the functions have to be used within a function parameter. Here I have used the standard input parameter Account and the NVL simple function to get the desired output: