Is it possible to Deny grants assigned via a LTU icense?

  • 6 May 2021
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If a LTU is created with an over allocation of access, is it possible to deny specific users to part of the LTU grants.

Example:  If my LTU contains read access to Inventory Parts, Sales Parts, and Safety Incidents.  Can I  assign the LTU to two different types of users and deny access to Safety Incidents to one of those users?​​​​


A follow up question; Is there a minimum quantity of seats when defining a LTU?  Could I purchase just one seat of a configuration?

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Hi @dabele ,


We have two LTU licenses we utilize with IFS Application 10.

  1. REQUISITION_LTU - Used by employees who only need to enter and view purchase requisitions.
  2. AUTHORIZATION_LTY - Used by employees who only need to view requisitions and authorize them.


The above LTU’s were created initially by us where we created the permission set with all the desired permissions for each of the LTU’s.  We then exported the permission set as an LTU and sent it to IFS who reviewed and approved the LTU.  IFS then created a new license key which contained the LTU’s with the purchased quantity of licenses for each LTU.  The license is linked to the exact permission set we sent to IFS.


Our understanding is any changes to either of the LTU permission sets will invalidate the license.  So I do not see how you could deny access to something that is already in the LTU license.  Also since our only have one permission set per LTU license I do not see how you could have different users with different access and still use the same LTU license.  I think you would need to create separate LTU licenses if you wish to have different access for different users.


I would reach out to your IFS account manager and discuss with them what you are trying to do.



William Klotz