IFS Cloud Remote Operating Model Hyper-V Support

  • 23 June 2021
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Hi all,


in the document “IFS Cloud 21R1 - Supported Deployment Product Policy” provided by this Topic

we can see that the support of the Virtualization Platform Hyper-V is planned in Q2 2021.


We have a customer that we are currently upgrading to IFS Cloud. They are using Hyper-V as their virtualization platform. The virtual appliance can only be downloaded as an OVA file from the Customer Build Place.

Is it possible to convert the OVA file to import it into Hyper-V?

When is the support for Hyper-V actually planned and will there be another download option of the Virtual appliance in the Customer Build Place then?


Thank you in advance.


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2 replies

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I do not think it works to convert the OVA into a Hyper-V, I heard it attempted once and it did not work. And it not being a supported platform at the moment I would not recommend you do it.

At present I would think you are best to use what is supported, meaning VMWare. I am afraid I do not know when/if Hyper-V will be supported for use. Hopefully someone else can help on that.

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When we released IFS Cloud 21R1, it was our plan to support Hyper-V in 21R2. But those plans has changed and instead we have put Hyper-V on hold and will deliver a non-Virtual Appliance Solution. This solution will make it so that a clean Ubunutu 20.4 server is required as a prerequisite, then our setup-scripts will install and configure the things needed to deploy the Kuberenetes Middle Tier on this server. 

So for 21R2 the customer will able to choose between the VMWare-solution or the standalone Ubuntu-solution. 

Hope that answers your questions.

One a side note - It’s technically possible to convert the OVA-file to a Hyper-V file but by doing that, we will not support that Hyper-V conversion and installation. 

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