Embedding Qlik Sense reports in IFS

  • 13 January 2021
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We are having performance issues when embedding Qlik Sense reports in the IFS browser.

We embedded the reports by adding a shortcut in IFS to the Qlik Sense Hub/report. We are doing this to encourage our users to use IFS and to promote the use of one platform for reports delivery.

Unfortunately the performance of the report is poor. We have tried running the same link (IFS Shortcut the the Qlik Sense report) in Internet Explorer and the performance is equally poor. If we run the report in Edge the performance is good.

Out IT manager says that it looks like the IFS application may directly reference IE for the embedded browser (Qlik Sense link), so he thinks the only way to change will be as a setting in IFS or changing IFS code to use Edge/Chrome instead in the embedded browser.

The validation about which browser is embedded in IFS can be determined by adding the link below to the IFS address bar



So internet Explorer 11 is the embedded browser in IFS. Is it possible to change this?

Many thanks


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