EDI 820 Payment Order and 844 Product Transfer Adjustment

  • 15 September 2020
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Does IFS Apps 10 have an XML schema for an EDI 820 Payment Order  or EDI 812 Credit Adjustment (used for credit memos) and an EDI 844 Product Transfer Adjustment?  We have a 3rd party EDI translator that we use with IFS and we have several customers requesting us to use the EDI 820 or 812 document for credit invoices and the 844 document for chargebacks.  I’ve searched the IFS Interface Browser but have not come across anything yet.  I’m looking at using the SendInvoice XML schema to generate the 812 EDI file keying off of the series ID of CR but have not tested it yet.  If anyone else has a solution for this, any insight is appreciated!



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