Copy user authorization

  • 14 September 2020
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Is there a method for us to directly grant all user privileges such as the project team, document class to which a user has been added and all the privileges to a newly opened user?

4 replies

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You should be able to open one user in “create user” page and save a template for that. 




Next create the new user based on this template. 




Is this what you are looking for? Or something different? 


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Also note you can use the duplicate function on the Create User page.

This is as close as you can get to copying the various basic data around a user, without having a complicated script.

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To pick up things like the person group for docman, and several other items, you will need a full script if you want everything.  We created a custom RMB to allow copying one user like another.  The scope was this:

Permission Sets
GL Auth Classes
Base Profile Assignment
Personal Profile contents
HR employee
Service employee
To Do folders (initialize)
Document Person Groups
Printer assignments
Report rules
Call Center setup


You could use Data Migration to copy Roles and Document Person groups to  a user.