Aurena limit Values Displayed in Drop Down

  • 19 November 2020
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In IEE I have a drop down menu that should have its contents filtered based on the content of another drop down. To do this in IEE:


Navigate to the screen to be configured

Right click on page

Select Conditional Fields… from the context menu

Select the field

Add Value Set

Place a check next to the fields I want displayed

Set the Type, Column, Operator, and Value


And then in IEE when I select the specified value in the drop down then the first drop down menu is filtered to only the fields that had a check mark next to them on the Conditional Field Actions dialog. This is working great in IEE.


When I go into Aurena I expected the conditional field config to apply to the page in Aurena as well. When I set the second drop down to the value that is configured in the Conditional Field Actions the first drop down has all of the fields listed instead of the filtered list.


Does Aurena Support Conditional Field configuration and if so how do I configure it? I am on IFS 10 update 7.


Thanks, Gene


Best answer by Fredrik Eklund 3 December 2020, 15:57

Conditional Fields aren’t implemented in IFS Aurena yet.

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3 replies

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I am still struggling with this. Does anyone have thoughts on how to configure conditional fields in Aurena? The environment I’m working in has been updated to IFS 10 update 9.

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Conditional Fields aren’t implemented in IFS Aurena yet.

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Has anyone found a way to work around the lack of Conditional fields being available in Aurena?