Apps 9: How many processes do you have in your batch queues?

  • 19 November 2020
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We have issues where functionality slows down, and I have noticed it can be caused by large jobs being undertaken during the day. These are often cleared through relatively quickly but we are then left with a backlog of jobs waiting.

We currently have 1 process on each of the 10 queues we have setup.

I would like to increase that for jobs that are not required to run on a single threaded queue but am concerned on the fall out.

How many batch queues do you have configured, and do you have more than one process on any of these??


5 replies

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You can have multiple processes allocated for each batch queue unless you don’t want to limit parallel job execution in a given queue. But the total allocated processes for all the queues should not exceed the value of the job_queue_processes init parameter in your database. 

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Thanks! Do you know where I could find the value set for job_queue_processes init parameter

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yeah simply in sql window type; (you might need a high privileged user account for this depending on your database configuration)


SQL> show parameter job;

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As IFSAPP, can you query the following.


SELECT * FROM v$parameter
WHERE NAME = 'job_queue_processes'

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We have over 10 processes assigned in total with at least one queue having more than 1 process. 

I would strongly recommend to never change the Default queue to have more than 1 process assigned since that one assumes serial processing and is where most IFS jobs get created and/run out of the box.  Only make the change on other queues where you can run jobs in parallel without impact.

Also, regarding the job_queue_processes value - that should be about 10 more than the total set for the queues.  i.e. if you have a total of 15 assigned to your batch queues, I would make the parameter 25 or so.