New Interface for LCS/CEC/ISC

  • 8 March 2022
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Hi. Will there be and if yes when a new user interface published to the Life Cycle Support (LCS) Solution that would replace both the Customer Engagement Center (CEC) and Internet Support Center (ISC)?

The ISC look and feel is from the early 00’s but it still works more logically that the CEC. CEC on the other hand seems to be unreachable less than the ISC. I use LSC at least weekly if not daily and would really hope for some modernisation step to be taken in the functionalities and layout.

When CEC was published I sent a long list of faults and improvement needs and I believe the answer at some point was that there will be a new tool at some point. I am still waiting and someone on this community probably has more information about the matter.


bts. the sub project selection list on this form has no good value for LCS, but I have to pick one anyway to be able to create this question

3 replies

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Any info on this matter yet?

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I heard there is a plan for some customers (starting from the ones using the most recent versions of applications) to move using the new ServiceNow portal. Is there any info on this Community related to it?

The change done 1.10.2022 where the older LCS and CEC portals lost the reply by mail functionality is why I’m asking. It really hurts our processes at the moment and we need the capabiity back.

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Hey @JukkaJ  - I’m sorry we haven’t responded to this topic before now. I’m going to move it to a new section, since this category is more about upgrading versions of IFS products.

There are lots of changes (that bring improvements) coming in the way you will handle requests and incidents/cases. Communication is slated to start early next week, and we’ll provide an update here as well.