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  • 4 October 2022
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Hi, when I’m trying to login to - I get info that my password has expired. How can I restore my access?


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Hi @daniel.sokolowski 

if you know your username you can reset your password with this link: IFS Password Reset (

Thanks for quick answer. I suppose this link allows to reset password to Portal. But not to (or perhaps I don’t understand something). 


To better clarify: I’m going to webpage (screen: IFS_support.png). I’m putting there login: accdaniel and them I’m being redirected to next login page (IFS_support_1.png), whre I have to put my email address and password. My question is about that particular pass.

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The passwords should be the same.

On the second screenshot are you sure that you put your e-mail address there?

In my case I enter my username instead of e-mail address. For example: CORPNET\USERNAME

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Hi Daniel,


i am facing exactly the same problem. There seems no way to reset the password for the mail address. Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

Best regards



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Me too - it seems to be the ADFS password that seems to be the issue.



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Any password issues that cannot be resolved with the KBA on resetting passwords can be addressed by emailing; they can check your accounts and sort out password issues.