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How is the IFS Password changed in the Customer Portal?

  • 14 June 2021
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Maintaining the highest level of cyber security is each and every one of our responsibilities to protect the data, assets and reputation of both IFS and our valued customers. To increase security level of customer accounts, following password polices will apply to IFS customer accounts

  • Customer account passwords are expired every 180 days
  • Passwords must be changed according to instructions give under “Guideline to changing the password of an IFS account” below
  • Once the password successfully changed, it will be valid for 180 days
  • Your account will be locked out for one hour if you enter invalid password 3 times
  • Automated e-mails will be sent through IFS Customer Communication <> mail box 7 days and 1 day prior to your password expiry. This is legitimate e-mail which we will notify our customers proactively. This mail box will not be monitored by anyone. So, please do not reply to automated e-mail

Guideline to changing the password of an IFS account


Your password at IFS domain will expire every 180 days. Follow the instructions below to change the password

Go to

Locate Customer Portal option under menu Customer Experience

Then scroll down to “Need help?” section and click “Forgot your password” option


Enter your username with IFS in the “Username:” section and hit Submit button

DO NOT enter e-mail as the username. Enter your IFS corpnet domain account

Next page, check “I’m not a robot” checkbox and press Confirm bottom


You will receive an automated e-mail with a link to change the password. Please open the link in a webpage and change the password as instructed.

Below is an example e-mail with a link which you will receive to change the password. The link in this e-mail is valid one hour. You need to change the password using this link before it expires.

Consider following rules when changing the password


Password must be minimum of 12 characters long (can be longer) and must contain three of these 4 characters

  • Upper case letters (A-Z)
  • Lower case letters (a-z)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Punctuation characters (!,@,#,etc.)

We encourage you to use a passphrase instead of a password. A passphrase is not only more secure than a dictionary word based password, but is also easy to remember.
Example: “TrafficOnThe101Was#ThisMorning"

  • Previously used passwords cannot be reused
  • Password must be complex and should not contain username or common names like ‘manager’, ‘winter’


After resetting the password successfully, you will receive an e-mail like the one below.


Accessing the following resources will not be possible with an expired password

  • IFS portal
  • site
  • CEC or LCS
  • Other resources hosted at IFS which are being accessed using customer accounts.
  • Unable



6 replies

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Quite helpful! Thank you for sharing!

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Hi @Phil Lamerton ,


I followed the instructions and got a email verification code sent to my email instead of the password reset email you indicated.

However, I’m struggling to change the password as I’m getting below error at the last step of password renew. Can you please guide who should I contact to report the error since I cannot login to service desk to report the error since my password is expired.

Best Regards,


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@dsj  - I’m sorry we missed this message! It’s been a while, so I’m guessing you were able to get into the portal. Please let me know if that’s not the case and we’ll sort it out asap. 

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I have followed the instructions, but I never receive an email with a reset link - and it is not in my Junk Mail folder either.


Jørn Straarup

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Would also be great to share where to turn to if customer user forgot the login/username itself. Happens sometimes. //Lina

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Could you please also put a link to where it is possible to have same kind of information, password/log in issues, in Partner Portal shared? //Lina