WaDaCo Pick List - Complete, flow to Create Del Note

  • 3 September 2021
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We are in the process of finalizing WaDaCo picking, but there is an issue with the flow following our Order Type first. 


Use configuration REPORT_PICKING_PART, complete scanning, save. 

Next process is Delivery Order, then Create Delivery Note

The Sales Basic Data - Order Types is set to flow through Delivery Order and proceed to Create Delivery Note. When I do this via the desktop client, it works fine. When doing this after picking on the scanner, it stops at Deliver Order and we have to perform it manually. 


Order Type flow

Is there a way to use the scanner to pick, save and proceed directly to Create Delivery Note?

2 replies

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Hi @jeff.nattermann ,

In your scenario: Until Report Picking you do it in the WADACO flow (in the scanner) and then from ‘Deliver Order’ onwards you process through the desktop client.

As the flow stops at Report Picking in WADACO flow, you have to manually start the ‘Deliver Option’ in the desktop client. And then it Deliver Order and Create the Delivery Note and stops there.

To describe further, the first set of steps is performed in the scanner (WADACO flow) and you switch from the scanner back to the desktop client. Therefore you have to perform the Deliver Order (which the next starting action in the desktop client) manually and let the next steps flow automatically / manually (as set up) in the desktop client.

As far as I know that is the designed behavior of the order flow when you move from one device to the other.


Hope this helps.



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The Report Picking of Part process was made to simulate what the regular client Report Picking of Pick List Lines does. It’s not the same as quick order flow client or anything like that.

The only processes that allow you to do several steps are Transport Task processes and also Process Shipment that allows you to do several steps/actions on the shipment header (like you can do in the regular client).