Purchasing Liability Missing

  • 21 September 2021
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When creating a PO in IFS to an external vendor with PO Inventory Lines all set to customer owned, upon receipt IFS does not create a liability to the external vendor.  I understand that the customer owned inventory will hit the balance sheet a zero dollars, BUT I do have a liability to pay my external vendor for the parts.  Shouldn’t IFS handle this like it does of external service orders for inventory parts?  Upon receipt of those inventory PO’s IFS posts the M91/M92.  But these customer owned inventory PO lines that I am purchasing from an external vendor not creating a liability seems to me fundamentally wrong.

2 replies

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any idea @Thomas Peterson ?

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In IFS terms when we acquire something from a vendor that’s Customer Owned, that IFS company does not owe the vendor. The vendor is merely shipping good owned by some other entity to the IFS company. You may owe for freight, but you don’t owe the vendor (as the way we see it, it’s customer owned). 

What is the real need / Requirement?   Receiving goods and needing to pay for those goods?   That’s not what IFS would regard as customer owned.  

I  have a client that really has customer owned goods all over the nation stored on site by the external vendor.  The goods had already been purchased long ago (sometimes years ago). When we need the goods shipped, the vendor ships. My client essentially owes nothing for the material. They owe for freight.