Mass issue inventory part

  • 17 September 2021
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How is possible to do a mass issue inventory part? I not belive that it is only possible part by part….

4 replies

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Do you mean issuing on a shop order like backflush? - this can be done for the entire shop order

Or issuing a large number of parts directly out of inventory to a project? - this can only be done part by part

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Usually, the system automatically registers the issues from inventory for customer orders or shop orders. If you need to enter issues manually, it can be done in ‘Issue inventory part’ window and that would be part by part.
If it is an issue of parts for internal use, you can use the ‘Material requisition’ window, where multiple lines can be selected and issued at once.


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Thanks, Sorry I’m new user and what I need is a simple window when I canpaste for example 15 items and change inventory.

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@Pawel , we use a Custom event in IFS that automatically issue parts to the project as soon as we receive the PO lines. Thereby we reduce the cost of maintaining a stock. Perhaps you are looking for something like that? Is your goal too is to minimize inventory maintaining cost? If yes, your Technical support team might be able to create a similar customer event for you.

Otherwise I would recommend issuing one by one as the community colleagues above suggested.