Is there a way to control Custome Order Status change permissions

  • 29 September 2022
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Check who is allowed to change status based on the actual status. how does process/workflow and impact looks like in detail. 

Please take a look at the attached image. The question we got: is it possible to user permissions e.g. on a customer order, based on the status of that order?

So for instance, in the status planned only the User 1 can edit, in the status released only user 2 can edit.



2 replies

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Hi @ProThushA Thushan,


I’m not sure if this is possible via permissions but it’s doable via a custom event. What you need to do is upon state change check if the user is in the ‘allowed list’ and raise error if not.


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Agree with @dsj not possible with standard permissions, but not too difficult with a custom table and a custom event.