Using Support Centre as an internal support helpdesk ticket system

  • 7 April 2020
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We already have a ticket system for PC Hardware, password resets etc.. but now looking to build on support centre functionality to use as an in-house help desk.

Users will use the option to quick register support issues, which is then reviewed/resolved by persons designated as support users.

Using it also for the continual improvement program, and support solution to show when an issue is resolved.

Question - is anyone else using the IFS Support Centre for this purpose? If so, any tips? - its a new concept to our business and want to make sure its workable.

Thanks for any advice



4 replies

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Just to add, now 3 years into using Support Centre as an internal ticket system is brilliant.

we have stats that show the service requests completed, a single issue request to support solutions and even referenced in code to keep documentation all referenced back.

I agree it’s much more light touch than call centre with very few custom tweaks.


I have lobbies for admin, management and users meaning we have an open view on where a ticket in the support or change management process. Am even thinking of adapting it for projects 

I see this is an old post, but thought I’d mention Call Center and Support Center (both mentioned in this thread) are two very different modules used for a similar purpose. Call Center is more robust and developed, but didn’t work for our needs because of the limitation of required field Customer Number. Instead, we ended up going with Support Center. It is very light and required quite a few custom fields and events because we needed something with more functionality. 

Like I said, I know this is an old post, but in case anyone is looking for this type of solution and comes across this, I’d recommend checking out both modules, Call Center and Support Center, at least at a high level.

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I see your request is 6 months old, so my reply may be too late to be useful.  Yes, we use IFS Call Center Cases as our helpdesk ticketing system.  We’ve added options to the basic data list of values and we’ve added several custom fields to the form.  We’ve developed email messages that are triggered when a case is created, dispatched, closed.  We created a custom page to use for time reporting and we have several lobby elements based on the case information.  

I’d be happy to demo for you if we can figure out how to contact one another outside of this forum.

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We used what I think was Support Center back in IFS version 2003. I liked it, it was functional, and due to being covered in our support agreement, effectively free for our IFS Licensed users. If it were up to me, we would still be using it, rather than spending a fortune on other systems. Of course this relies upon the fact that all of the potential users are IFS users already. If you are using it to specifically log IFS user issues, I guess this works.

We have jumped two versions since (v7.5 and now v9). I would like to see what it is like now. Surely could only have got better right?

Good luck, and hope it works out.