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Surveys for mWO Not Syncing to Devices

We are working on our Upgrade to Apps10 UPD9 (from Apps8). This post is related to mWO Service 10 - Aurena Native app and Mobile Surveys.
We configured Surveys based on the very light documentation we were provided. 
Help Pages in Aurena don’t work, confirmed by IFS. If anyone has detailed documentation of any kind on this, it would be very much appreciated.
The Survey and Workflow Config, as far as we can tell, is set up properly but reaching out for community input here, along with a formal, pending IFS support request. 
All Synchronized Entities syncs are up-to-date. I just filtered for anything with ‘Surv%’.



Survey Configuration:

The Survey is Published

Survey Workflow Type selected “Work Start”; this means the Survey should pop up when the user presses Start Work on the MWO. I did try other statuses for testing, but none of them worked and ultimately this is what we need.

The Work Task Assignment in the mWO App is in ‘Work Started’ status. This was a new WO/Task/Assignment created and assigned after Surveys/Workflow Config was setup (published and activated).


In case there was a problem with the Survey pop-up but it was actually populating somewhere, I checked e-Forms screenshot which shows no ‘No Items’.


My post is too long so continuing in my next reply.



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Workflow Configuration:

I had to remove several screenshots to be able to reply.

Workflow Configuration is “Activated”

MWO is the option to use so “Tech Portal and MWO” should be correct.

 Filters: I opted not to use any. I’m assuming filters should be optional and would further limit visibility of the Surveys based on the criteria selected.

Actions: Everything available action is defaulted to ‘Use’ and was left it at default when I first created the Survey and now. However, I do not have ‘Surveys’ as an available Action. IFS wanted us to confirm we have Surveys toggled on from this action list. See screenshot where I filtered searching for Action Description = ‘surve%’ and a second sort in alphabetical order, also showing the missing ‘Surveys’ toggle. For some reason, when searching alphabetically, I have ‘eForms’ at the end of the list, which is toggled to ‘Use’. I think this may be a UPD difference possibly, but am not sure?

The Survey is published and the closing date is in the future.

 Valid for our Field Service/Repair/Work Order site.


Also, confirmation that is the site referenced on this work order/task/assignment


I have fully reinitialized multiple times. After not seeing the survey on the first try without reinitializing, I figured it was very likely needed and certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Again, ran into a strange character limitation error. I just wanted to supply this Workflow Config screenshot since it seems important for this question. Thanks.



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The steps should be as follows, could you check and confirm?

  • Create a Workflow configuration
  • Add the e form you have created to the ‘E Forms’ tab
  • Add the sites  that needs to be included this survey in the site tab
  • Then users who should access this WFC who can change it.
  • make sure the WFC is active

Kindly check these steps and get back. With the details you have provided only thing missing is site, is that correct as well?

Thanks & Best Regards,

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@BORDERSB Adding to Vinu’s comment, Please check whether mobile user have granted permission set TOUCHAPPS_RUNTIME

Thank you so much for your quick responses @Vinu Peiris and @Dakshinie Wickramasinghe. I am sorry for my original post. I was restricted on characters and I had to omit several valuable screenshots and break everything up into multiple posts.

@Vinu Peiris  (Who by the way I remember from our initial mWO rollout a couple years ago now and was quite helpful!) :)

  • Create a Workflow configuration  - Confirmed
  • Add the e form you have created to the ‘E Forms’ tab - Confirmed
  • Add the sites  that needs to be included this survey in the site tab - Confirmed
  • Then users who should access this WFC who can change it. - I am not quite sure where this is. I do not have “Actions Flow” button and I am Administrator. Also, IFS consultant screen did not have that tab either.


  • make sure the WFC is active - Confirmed

@Dakshinie Wickramasinghe Please check whether mobile user have granted permission set TOUCHAPPS_RUNTIME   - Confirmed

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Hello Bridget,

Thank you for the kind words. :)

Few more things to check:

  • Please check permission set > Activity -ServiceEngApp-eForms permission granted as well.


But if this is not provided you can’t anyway see the eforms tab in actions (mobile client) as well.

  • Then kindly check if there are any permission set filters added to the below entities.

You can check this from Permission set filters window.

Also you have mentioned that you added screenshots of WFC tabs > sites , Actions which we cannot see. (These screenshots will be helpful to rule out some other suggestions as well).

I hope when you provide above data it will be useful to isolate the issue.

Thanks & Best Regards,

@Vinu Peiris 

I think I’ve addressed all questions here, but please let me know if I missed anything.

Please check permission set > Activity -ServiceEngApp-eForms permission granted as well. Confirmed - all available ServiceEngApp Activites are granted, including eForms.

Actions was one of several screenshots I had to remove in order to post originally. All Actions toggled to Use, not mandatory by default. It seemed better to leave everything set to Use to start with. I only have 4 tabs, no Action Flows tab - perhaps because we are only on UPD9? 


I only have one Permission Set Filter on and that is for Inventory Part In Stock. I set it up to try to speed up initialization.


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Hello Bridget,

“I only have 4 tabs, no Action Flows tab - perhaps because we are only on UPD9?”

This changes according to the WFC configuration type. You can test it out by changing it and see.


But regarding the original issue can you send a screenshot of the ‘Sites’ tab in Workflow Configuration? 
I see the WO is from site 60 in mWO client, but  in work flow configuration have you defined a Maint Org for the ‘Sites’ tab or not? if you have , the WO should originate from that same ‘Maint Org’.

Kindly double check on those as well.

Best Regards,


@Vinu Peiris

  Sites in WFC

Sites on WO/Task/Assignment



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Hello Bridget,

Seems like all the basic data in place and it cannot go wrong functionally. There were many fixes for Workflow Configuration from update 10 as well.

Will check and get back to you regarding that as well.

Best Regards,

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Hello Bridget, @BORDERSB 

Please check below,

  • I believe when you say you opted all the filters in Workflow configuration No ‘Connection type’ as well?


  • Go to the Work task in mobile client
  • Then go to ‘Task information’  > in ‘Configuration Applied’ check if the relevant Workflow Configuration is mentioned there. (In your case it should be ‘1’, but I guess it’s not there?)
  • Then scroll down to ‘Object information’ in the same WO in the mobile client.
  • The report connection type might be ‘Equipment’ as it is the default value.
  • Since you opted all the filters in the ‘Filters’ tab in Workflow Configuration the WT you are working will show as a WT that is not qualified to trigger the survey.


Please update us after.


Thanks & Best Regards,


We installed a delivery from IFS, our middleware crashed - which we recovered, but now we cannot initialize a user on the mobile client.

IFS is working on the source of the issue/resolution. In the meantime, I am unable to try your suggestion. I will as soon as the mobile client is available again though and report back. Thank you.

@Vinu Peiris  Our Mobile client issue is still being investigated.

Filters was blank by default when I created this WFC originally and I did not add any filters.
Looks like you are saying it should be Equipment.
Filters has been updated > Connection Type = Equipment. No other filters are set.
This also makes sense based on Apps8 default on Surveys ‘WO Integration’, which is basically equivalent to Filters Apps10. I just left the default filter on when I created the WFC in Apps10. 

Hopefully, this is the issue. I can test it as soon as our Mobile client issue is resolved and I’m able to connect again. I think I can prove this out through Technician Portal so I might try that in a bit here.


Here is my Filters tab now.



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@BORDERSB , If this the WFC now, when you try on with a Work task you should get the E form triggered at the start work.

But, if you want to keep the ‘Filters’ section blank, make sure the WO-WT you sent out to the mobile client , Work Details > Object Information > Reported Connection type should be blank as well.

Best Regards,


@Vinu Peiris I added Equipment as the Connection Type in WFC. I do not see the fields you referenced in my mobile client however. I had a new Work Order assigned to me after updates were made. I Started the work, as you can see here. I still do not have an EForm though. 




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From the attached screenshots i don't see the ‘Configuration Applied’ field. That means the WFC has not configured properly.
In my opinion even though we checked all the basic data, may be we need to have a proper look via  support case.
Please do raise a case to investigate further.

Best Regards,

Thanks @Vinu Peiris. I’ll open a case as requested.

I should also mention for anyone else reading this, I have refreshed my mobile security cache multliple times since creating the WTC and survey. If I make any change, it is just 2nd nature to do so. Same with Security cache as they only take a moment.

A couple things for anyone experiencing a similar issue…

Vinu was correct regarding Connection Type being the source of the issue. Thanks @Vinu Peiris for your help!

I’m not sure why, but in this environment in particular, Connection Type defaulted to blank. In our other environment, it defaulted to Equipment, which I believe is expected. 

Also, for some reason when I updated Connection Type to Equipment as suggested above and refreshed the cache for Mobile and Security like I mentioned above, the Survey did not automatically start coming through for newly created Work Assignments when they were moved into Work Started or existing Work Assignments when they were moved to Work Started. However, a day later, it was fine. I’m not really trying to solve the why here, just mentioning these unusual exceptions in case it helps someone in the future.