Error on B2E Portal in Apps8

  • 20 September 2022
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We have a couple of employees who are getting this error message when they go to their personal portal in Apps8:

Object 'ifs.fnd.asp.ASPPortalContext' (page 'ifs.timrew.portlets.AbsenceRequestEmployee')is not in DEFINED state!

Can anyone shed any light on what the cause is? I thought it may have been profile related but others on the same base profile can access the portal with no issue.




1 reply

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Can you find that value in the user profile (not base, but user specific) and maybe delete it? It may be that something has been corrupted. A more crude way of solving it would be to clear the profile completely and see how if it helps. I can’t remember if you can download and save the profile in Apps8, before deleting it, but if you can, do that first.