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  • 9 June 2021
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For customer on APPS10, soon to be on IFS Cloud 21R1, On a work order, is there a way to get attached documents to print to a specific printer?

In existing functionality where you can “Print attached documents” from work order guidelines, it will download docman document and then print to the default printer installed on device running the IFS application.

Could it be possible to setup so that certain doc classes for example, gets routed to specific printers? Similar to our Printer Definition for operational reports functionality?

Any ideas how to create such a modification, or configure it to do that?


This is a question i have gotten few times by different customers. For example, drawings needs to go to a certain color printer, while work instructions or other attached pdf documents should go to a black and white printer in a different area. Ideally we would select a RMB, “print work order package” and print all attached documents, and depending on what doc class, send them to different printers.

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Hi Malin,

In theory, this can be done on the server, perhaps by the print agent, but then we would have to require PDF files to be checked in for all the important documents they want to print. And some sort of modification would be need to tell the print agent to print the documents, and to what printer. Possibly some small tweak would need to be done to the printing/reporting framework.

The other option is to do this on the client. Then, as long as the user has the necessary software installed to handle each file type, it can be printed using the original format. I think the Aurena Agent has a print command where we can select what printer to use, so in theory you should be able to build an Aurena modification for this. Probably some new dialog, or you would customize the one that is already there in WO.

I cannot think of a way to do this with just configuration.