IFS MWO Service 10 logon issue

  • 17 February 2021
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I am newbie to IFS MWO Service 10, can anyone guide me how to logon to the service as i do not know what to supply on second credential System Id?


2 replies

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  • You can go to the link that you are entering for ‘Server URL’. This will be the TAS (Touch app server URL) 
  • When you go to that link it will give you tab options such as ‘Home’, ‘Downloads’,…  
  • Go to ‘Downloads’ , in there you will see the system ID’s  (Environments) hosted under that TAS.
  • Select the System ID(Environment, ex: Dev, BnT, TEST) that you want to go to and copy & paste it in the IFS MWO Service 10 > System ID.
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Hi @MilAmjadM ,

In some environments, If you don’t know the Server URL. Navigate to the URL where you download the IEE (Landing Page). Go to Add-ons → Then in the bottom of the page you might find the TAS URL and SYSTEM ID. 

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