IFS Apps 9: Custom Fields in Document Management Macros?

  • 16 September 2020
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We use a Document Management Marco in IFS, to enable DocumentProperties/QuickParts in Microsoft Word and Excel documents. This macro allows data held in IFS (e.g Document Number, Revision Number, Title, etc) to be automatically inserted into the Word or Excel document. We have added a custom field in IFS, and I need to automatically insert the data from that custom field into the Word Document.

On the “Macro Basic” screen, “Object Attributes for Macro” tab we have to list all the IFS fields applicable to a given Object, which shall be made available to the macro code, but it seems to be limited to out-of-the-box fields only. Is there any way to add a custom field?

Note: I am aware that in IFS Apps 10, this functionality has been expanded to allow custom fields to be used, but we really need to be able to do this in Apps 9.

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Not sure if this will help you Robin, but if you go into the Object Connections page there’s a column for ViewName - you can make sure the custom field view is mentioned there e.g. customer_info_CFV, instead of customer_info.  This will make the custom fields in that view accessible in the Object Attributes tab you mention.

But I think from your question, your custom field is on the document record?