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Dear All,


Hope everyone is well and safe.!


Please note, I’ve noticed that the READY Tab of the Sync Window contains records with PERSON_MOBILE in their day-to-day operation in one of the FSM 6 UPD 5 (Azure) customer environments.

Shown below is how JSON looks like


(Please note, I removed the values of person_id and password from the JSON)


Further, the field MODIFIED_BY is set as “IFS_MOBILE” for almost all the records of the PERSON_MOBILE table. The LAST_SYNC_DTTM and MODIFIED_DTTM are identical in all those records.

I’ve checked the same in the FSM Core (6u10) but unfortunately, I could not find such behavior.


Please be kind enough to let me know;

  • Whether this is a Core feature in FSM 6 UPD 5 which got removed in FSM 6 UPD 10?
  • Whether this is a configuration / customization done on top of the core?


Thank you in advance.!

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Hi @Ruchira Jayasinghe,

What specific feature are you referring to? The PERSON_MOBILE table holds the current information for each mobile device and has an associated sync rule to retrieve this information from the device when it syncs. 

As it is the mobile service updating the table the modified would be stamped with that login and as the sync is the process by which the system updates the table from the device this would explain why both dates are the same.

You should see that, if you go to the mobile tab on a person record and amend some setting there, the modified will change to your login instead.

You can check if this is in baseline by attempting to replicate in a baseline install environment of the same version.

Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck

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Dear @Lee Pinchbeck,

Thank you very much for the update.!

If I am not mistaken,

  • Once the Mobile Device goes through a change, it will record the changes in the SQLite Database and list down in READY Tab.
  • Then, once the Sync internal elapses these, JSONs will get sent to the Mobile Service and then it will trigger MPMs of the M5 to process further.


  • Therefore, for a record to be placed in READY Tab, there should be a change occurred in the Device. As an example, if we add labour, we can see a JSON created for NON_PART_USAGE in the READY tab.
  • Similarly, if a PERSON_MOBILE record is to be created in the READY Tab, shouldn’t there be any change in the device?

Therefore, my question would be, if there will be any kind of feature in the Mobile Device which triggers the PERSON_MOBILE without any human intervention?


Appreciate if it you could share your thoughts on this. Anyway, I will check more using the FSM 6 UPD 5 baseline and update the thread. 😊