FSM 5.7: Custom table and Message Translation

  • 3 September 2020
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I have Create a Custom Table that will be receiving data from an External System.

in the Table has 3 columns (task_id, field, Value) for the field it will have a value like “Person_Email” 

This table will be added to the task Screen as a new tab as a list view

I don’t want to display the column “field” but would like to display a description instead “Person Email”. I was hoping that i could use the message translation to manage this as there maybe a future requirement to have these discriptions displayed in the users languge instead of one fixed value. 

If the message translation is not the right place then i dont mind creating another table to manage the Field Value, language and Description as long as i can display the Description as a field.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how this might be possible?






3 replies

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Hi @graeme86 ,

You can create a message id with relevant description (Person Email) for the field value as a label type and then you can add that message id on the custom metadata. Once this is done and after a cache refresh, desired output will be displayed on the screen. Make sure that the correct message_id is there on the UI designer for your field as well. If this does not help kindly let me know.






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Hi @Saranga Amaraweera ,


Thank you for the reply. what i am try to do a message translation on the data that is in a field

So all the values in the “Field” Column (highlighted Yellow) i would like to maintain a Message translation for, or build my own message translation table for this data.




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Why not make your custom table for “Field” be a lookup to a global code as you already have them defined it seems.  With the use of that it will handle your message ids.  If you had used ATTRIBUTES and associated them to task you could of used baseline functionality