Feedbacks : for classic design for the inventory management between ERP and FSM

  • 10 June 2021
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I would like to have feedbacks about a classic/standard implementation of FSM with an ERP especially for the inventory management. what is the border ? who manage what for inventory ?
1/ Do you have one slide that describes the flow between the ERP and FSM ?

2/ In this kind of implementation (ERP + FSM) : Inventory is it completely managed by ERP ? : in this way the ERP will manage inventory and flogistics flow and know all sites where we have inventory and FSM will be “slave” for all flows

3/ In this kind of implementation (ERP + FSM) : Should Van/truck  be known/managed in the ERP ?

I assume that we have many possibilities. 
For those of you who have already implemented FSM : Could you share Guidelines ? or best practices to manage inventory with 2 systems (ERP+FSM) ?

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Hi @athobie,

Think this one is very much a ‘depends on your specific business needs’ rather than there being a standard way to do it.

@Simon Wiltshire are you familiar with any examples of this being done?

Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck