Spinning wheel on Order or Quotation line save

  • 24 September 2020
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Hello All,

Since 9/18/2020, about half the time a line is saved on a Customer Order or Sales Quotation we receive a spinning wheel. 

  • IFS Apps9, update8
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • We haven’t found any consistency or reason behind it.
  • Doesn’t happen in other areas of the company to our knowledge

Ran the debugger tool and it gets hung up on the following API call: 

Info : BEGIN

&AO.CUSTOMER_ORDER_LINE_API.NEW__( :p0 , :p1 , :p2 , :p3 , :p4 );


WHEN &AO.Error_SYS.Err_Security_Checkpoint THEN

Requested URL :


A case has been entered with IFS, but thought I’d throw it out here while waiting on a response. Case# CS0012423.

Any ideas on items to check would be greatly appreciated!!

EDIT:  This is happening on any table save, not just Customer Order and Sales Quotation.


Jeff Nattermann


1 reply

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Update: Error was with an update our Tax Compliance Software performed without our knowledge. It was after a few days, we learned other IFS customers were having similar issues. Tax was the common theme and once we reached out, they informed us of the update. We were able to work together to get the issue resolved. 

Thanks, Jeff