Revoke Invoice reprint right from Order report.

  • 26 August 2020
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Hello Community,

We are using IFS version 8.I need to restrict user from taking print of invoice from order report if that invoice is not created on today’s date or sysdate.

User is taking print from crystal report which can be accessed from Order report.

How can I achieve this.


Deepak Navale



Best answer by ADNAN 26 August 2020, 08:25

Hi Deepak

Do you get the report from the screen or the quick report?
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6 replies

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Hi Deepak

Do you get the report from the screen or the quick report?
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I am getting the report from order report.




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hi Deepak,

There’s no way to do that using functionality.  The only way would be to make the contents of the report conditionally visible (based on a date condition) so that it will return a blank report if someone attempts a print).

However, much better to come up with a business process that prevents this being an issue.

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Thank you @paul harland for your inputs…!!!

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There is a messy way you can do this.  Its not really recommended but it may work (not tried it in practise but in theory it may work).

  1. Create a Permission Set for just the Order Report - Invoice.
  2. Ensure all other Permissions sets do not include the Order Report - Invoice.
  3. Find the Function/Procedure that Grants and Revokes Permssions Sets.
  4. Create a Custom Menu for Print of an Invoice with PL/SQL block that checks if a user has access to Invoice screen and if so, checks if the Invoice date is equal to Sys Date.  If Yes then run API that allows the print, if No, bring back error message saying not equal to date.  You could create a whole new API so that the Custom Menu just brings through the Invoice ID and Invoice Date.