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  • 12 January 2021
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I want to change the translation of a field, but I don't know how to do it.

In Report Designer I added the field ‘CUST_REF’. The default description is the same as the field above ‘CUST_REF’. How can I change the description of this field on this report?

4 replies

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This is usually easiest just by hardcoding the new label you want into the report (although if you have multiple language requirements that is an extra challenge) :flag_lu:

So you’re getting rid of the dynamic label field and replacing it with a text field.

It’s considerably more effort to try to change the translation within the report logic.

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Hi @paul harland ,


Thank you for your response. We use multiple languages for our documents, so I don't think it is efficient to change the labels on all the fields that are not correctly translated.

I prefer a solution at the source, that once the translation is set, the field will be presented correctly on each report. Do you know where and/or how I could change that?

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hi @bnzKarin 

that’s beyond my abilities, but as far as i know you have 2 options - either make changes to the specific report’s RPI, that is, the package of code that generates the data for this report; or modify the underlying translations in IFS, in which case I think the change would affect multiple reports.

But maybe a developer on here can advise better.

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You should head to Translation Manager>Text Translations, find the correct one, do the change and then refresh language cache (might take couple mins.)