In active Sales Part at Sales Price List report

  • 27 November 2020
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I am looking for information regarding Sales Price List for Sales Parts that are set in active.

Why are these Sales Parts presented at Sales Price List report?  

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What version of IFS are you using?

The Sales Parts will probably be on a Sale Price List,


You could review the Sales Price List Lines located at Sales > Pricing > Price List > Sales Price List Lines


Have you tried looking at the help on this:





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This concern has been previously reported on a support cases as well.

Please see below explanation.

A sales part can be made 'inactive' either for a shorter period, longer period or permanently based on the customer requirements.

If a sales part is in 'inactive' status, no transactions can be performed for the part like customer order line creation.

But, it won't restrict any data setup level activities like set up price lists, customer agreements.

Once the 'inactive' period is over available data setting can be reused.

But, some customers 'inactive' status is used for permanently hold and they feel that relevant data setup records as unnecessary records.

In such a situation, best thing is to delete all data setup level records when
the part is made 'inactive'.

This has not been considered as a bug in the application till now. However, implementing restrictions on a core application may affect most of our other customer's requirements.

Hope this will clarify your doubts.

Many thanks,


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Hi Anushka,

Thx. for your explantion.

The issue is that customers do not want inactive Sales Parts presented on Sales Price List reports.
As i understand you this is not possible to avoid?
If so, I think this is a fault in IFS Applications.






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Hi Ulrik,

As per the current information I have, the mentioned requirement is not possible with the current design.

If you still think that the current scenario of the application is not up to the business requirement, you can raise a support case to IFS and get verified the IFS RnD stand on this again.



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I am not sure what IFS version you are using, but in APP8 (with Bug ID# 114763), or in APP9 & APP10; R&D allows the user to change the part based line status to Planned in the Sales Part List screen.  By allowing this change, the Sales Part List Report will only show active parts.