The Inventory Part In Stock Does not exist Error Message

  • 17 September 2020
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After trying to close a Shop Order, we are having ghost reservations which show as a Handling Unit reserved to an order, but the parts were issued to another order and do not exist.  When trying to close out we receive an Inventory Part In Stock error message.  We have tried to un-issue the materials to the location it says it is reserved to, which shows the materials on the Shop Order reservation, but when tying to un-reserve it says the bin cannot be negative.  Looking for any help with this issue as we have multiple orders unable to be closed.




2 replies

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Looks like data somehow is corrupted. I suggest you report this to support. 

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That’s what we assumed and we have a ticket in with support but we wanted to reach out to see if anyone else is seeing this issue.  Thank you.