Shop order restriction

  • 17 September 2020
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Good Morning Community.

We are using IFS version 8.How can I restrict creation of shop order for specific part nos by unauthorized users.

If part no is ABCD-OOGH-0001,ABCD-OOGH-0002,ABCD-OOGH-0003,ABCD-OOGH-0004

then user jack can create the shop order for this part but not other users.

1 reply

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Hi Deepak

First step: You can use one of the grouping on the inventory part and all parts you want to restrict for specific users you can define a group. I dont know which one, you can choose one which suits your config.

Second step: I suggest you to create a permisson set and assign to users who “can” create shop orders to all parts

Third Step: Create an event action to shop_ord_tab and raise an error if part_no has defined grouping and fnd_user does not have the permission set you defined.

I think with doing this way; you can have some parametric configuration.

I hope this helps.