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  • 8 October 2020
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Hi all, 


How can I update Need Dates for Shop Orders, in the event the Required Date for the independent demand against the top-level is changed?

For instance, a product could be given a Required Date of next month. MRP then calculates backwards to determine the date at which each material in the bill must be available to salsify said date, using the component lead time (unprotected). I take it this is how Need Dates are calculated. But, if the business has a change in priorities, and we decide to amend our master schedule, I’d like to find a way to update the raised/released/started orders based on us having manually edited the Required Date.

That way, when APB is executed over a group of orders, taking Need Date as a means to determine sequencing, it can reflect changes in our priorities at the top-level.

Is there a report to provide this alignment? Any data requirements? As of now, we are not using pMRP or DOP. Just IFS Apps 10 (with APB for CBS Scheduling).




3 replies

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Hi @JoherM 

In the event that your independent demands are changed and if you have already created intermediate or component supply orders ( POs or SOs), then , I think the most advisable thing is to execute MS first, resolve relevant MS action messages , execute MRP , then resolve relevant MRP action messages ( more importantly Late , ( or early) order messages. This will re align the requirement of each sub and component assemblies. ( the MRP action message view in this case may be treated as the report that you might want). Then run APB will finitely schedule the shop orders to match the new time requirements.  This cycle of planning from high level planning level ( S&OP or MS ) to--→ Operations planning to input output control level  ( use of APB and then Shop floor work bench to execute actual operations) has to be recursive with suitable time intervals based on the frequency of your independent demands are changing .

hope this helps


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How do you execute ‘MS’. What is the name of the IFS page to perform this high-level task. I take it that’s not referring to a  standard MRP run for the site.


Many thanks,