Feedback Loop for Customer Orders

  • 16 October 2020
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We have a question regarding fulfillment dates and feedback loops.

  1. We create a customer order for an item and put a planned ship date of 3 days from today
  2. Site MRP is run later and determines we will need to build the item and manufacturing lead time (and purchasing lead times) dictate it will take 3 weeks to build

Is there a mechanism in IFS that will alert (or modify) the original customer order that the original date is no longer feasible? Or are custom events or reports the only method?

2 replies

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Hi , 

When CO is created , it is possible to perform Capability TO  Promise ( CO line level ) to identify that  this dates can be fulfilled or not , CTP considers Open supplies, on hand quantities .

Also it will considers multilevel availability of Component but this is depending  on the  supply Type defined for CO line.



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I’m throwing in a sort of general answer that might be useful for you or someone else...

In general, when working with MRP it is good to review following action messages that comes out of the MRP engine (I adding some short explanation after each message)

  • Demand is Past Due (shows open customer order lines which should have been shipped. From Apps10 it also shows open shop order component lines which are past due)
  • Supply is Past Due (The PO or SO has not arrived yet! What has happened?!)
  • Plan Supply is Past Due (The MRP planned receipt date of a PO Req or SO req is in the past - need to check what is causing this)
  • Plan Suppy Start Date is Past Due (Starting from Apps10. The MRP planned srart date of a PO Req or SO req is in the past - need to check what is causing this)

Yes, yes I know this is a “reactive way” of managing “past due” problems.

Good the create saved queries for above messages.