Component Scrap of Non-Issued Material

  • 8 October 2020
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When using the Component Scrap function from Shop Floor workbench, we have two options. 

  1. Report Component scrap of Non-Issued Material - IFS allows us to do this only when a component has not been issued at all to the shop order.
  2. Report Component scrap of Issued Material - IFS allows us to do this only when there has been some quantity of the component part number issued to the shop order. 

This becomes an issue in the following situation: We have a shop order that consumes, through backflushing, 100 pcs of component part number “123”. We report 50 good pieces of the assembly, which backflushes 50 pcs of component part number 123. The 51’st piece of part number 123 is bad. We want to do a component scrap of non-issued material, but since material has already been issued to this shop order, the system will not let us do it.


What is the best way to report scrap of this 1 component piece?


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