ABC Classes all parts set = C

  • 1 October 2020
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Hello, we recently ran the task “Perform ABC, frequency and Lifecycle Classification” process in IFS using our cost = 1.  After the process had completed, all our Inventory Parts ABC class is now = C.  Our accounting group did recently copy a older cost set to cost set one.  Could this be the cause?  

I guess it would be helpful as to understand why the system would ever assign class C to all parts.  


2 replies

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Have you verified how all of the parameters were set on the classification task?  How you make the selections will affect the outcome.  


What were the settings in Inventory Basic at the start?



All of these will have an effect.  Run the calculation again in a QA or DEV environment with adjustments to figure out what the real cause was.

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In linked post there is a similar question regarding the definition of classification jobs. Check out the document supplied by @Jakob Bjorklund  for some more insights: