Undo Invoicing of Work Order on a normal Customer ordeer

  • 4 October 2022
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I have read this, but have a slightly different problem

Undo Delivery of Customer Order Line with Supply Code of Service Order

I have a WO with a Connected Customer Order on the CO information tab and the order type Normal Order

If I create a Invoice Preview

And approve it the lines are added to the existing Customer order 

The lines are added in status Released but my problem occurs when the lines have been delivered/ invoiced.


If I then want to revoke approval (which I need to do to create credit lines) on the Invoice Preview

I get this error in the background.

If the customer order lines where invoiced the same error would occur but would be “The operation "SetCancelled" is not allowed for Customer Order Line objects in state "Invoiced".      

And if I try to undo the delivery I get this error


Does anyone know of a way to get around this?


Best answer by Nethmini Kosvinna 5 October 2022, 06:45

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3 replies

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Hi @Curann ,

As per the current functionality you will have to proceed the customer order until invoiced/closed and then use the option  ‘Create Credit Lines’ from Invoice Preview window.

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Hi @Nethmini Kosvinna 

Thank you for the answer. 

I had tried invoicing the service order lines, but apparently that is not enough, it needs to be the whole order that is invoiced.
So thank you for pointing that out. 

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Hi @Curann,


Please check following community post where you can find further details on the solution.


Thanks and Best Regards,