Shop Order Availability window – Only show Shortages checkbox

  • 24 September 2021
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Pre- requisites:

  • Product structure with routing
  • Component part with ‘availability check’ and ‘Shortage notification’ ON


  1. System will have a Shop order due on future date in released/Planned status


  2. confirmed Purchase is already available due date is prior to the SO need date.


  3. Planning alert per site is executed
  4. No Availability problems were detected with ‘Material availability check
  5. In the shop order availability window> Only show shortages check box is checked for the above created Shop order. Still the component part is shown as a shortage


  6. In the inventory Part availability planning window. open supply is indicated.

Why the component part is shown as a shortage on shop order availability window?


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The Shop Order (Material) Availability Check looks at Remaining to Allocate and compares it with Not Allocated in Stock when using Only Show Shortages checkbox. It does not involve Plannable Qty. And the reason for that? Well I think it is the initial design. Involving Plannable Qty instead of Not Allocated in Stock will probably slow down response time significantly, because then system has to “dive into” all the views behind Inventory Part Availability Planning screen. It might be possible to change but it is not a bug.