Resource Share usage when lot size * unit share is greater than one

  • 10 June 2024
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I’m attempting to implement routings using the new (to apps10) feature of resource share per the below; every example given shows less than a full loading though. I’m trying to understand the expected behavior when loading requires more than one “cycle” i.e. if the below example was for 14 units instead of 4. I would expect one run at 100% and one at 40% per the slide below, but it doesn’t seem to be happening this way.


In my test case, I have an operation line with a resource share of .5 and a lot size of 3 on the shop order. When I release this, I get the below information message about calculated resource share (which gets fixed at 1, and that makes sense)

operation line with resource share and 2.6 hours per “cycle” - in this example lot size is three.


Resource Share Calculation >1 information message.

However, contrary to expectations, the actual result is different, instead of 2 cycles as expected (first cycle 100% utilization, second cycle 50% utilization) it clocks one cycle at more capacity than is possible.

Is this a setting that isn’t correctly set in our environment? or something else?


operation line with resource share and 2.6 hours per “cycle”
labor report showing only one “cycle” but 3 units reported?



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Resource Share reflects how much of the resource capacity the operation is expected to occupy during its duration. If you define Resource Share per Unit the total operation resource share is controlled by the operation quantity so if resource share per unit i 0.05 (5%) and not size is 10 the total resource share is 0.5 (50%). If you have a resource share per unit of 0.05 and a lot size greater than 20, the total resource share would be calculated as greater than 1 (100%). This would mean you probably can’t fit all the parts into the resource at the same time. System is not designed to automatically double the runtime in such scenario (to reflect you need another cycle). But you can achieve this by using lot size dependent routing alternates.


  1. Routing Alternate A: Fixed Runtime = 1h. Resource Share per Unit = 0.05
    1. Used for lot sizes from 1 to 20
  2. Routing Alternate B: Fixed Runtime = 2h. Resource Share per Unit = 0.025
    1. Used for lot sizes from 21 to 40. 

System will then automatically pick the correct alternate based on the routing, and the total resource share will not be greater than 1 (100%).