Multiple Part manufacturing

  • 5 August 2022
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Hello All, 

I am unsure if the functionality exists in IFS, but I am curious if it is possible to drive Shop Order creation based on demand for a certain part number. 

As an example we make Part A and Part B that reside in the product structure of Part C. We would like to have the system drive demand to both parts regardless of what the on hand inventory is for the part that MRP did not plan for. 

So, if MRP drives demand for part A, we would like for it to also drive demand for Part B at a specific ration (2 to 1 as an example). The reverse then being that if MRP drives demand for part B, there is also a Shop Order created for Part A (at a ratio). 

1 reply

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Is my interpretation correct, that you are trying to drive a push Structure? 

We use the scrap factors currently to determine the ratio of which how many sub-assy’s we require based on a customer order of the top part. 

I guess you’d have to amend the formula from Pull ( demand at the top, pulls from bottom up) to Push (Manually generation of Shop Order Pushes up)? 


Do you agree?