I can't close an outside operation that has been manually reopened even though the entire quantity is completed

  • 4 October 2022
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I have a problem: I have two outside operations in my shop order. I split each operation into two. Then, I received the first three lines ( I processed the first three purchase orders) and the lines closed.

By mistake, I reopened the three lines from the "Report Shop Order Operation" screen. The three rows changed to "Partially reported" status and since then I can't close them. I tried to reopen the orders and close them again and it did not work. I have searched everywhere but with no result. The problem is that I can't receive the fourth line , I have an error message that says the first two lines are not closed.


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Best answer by Björn Hultgren 4 October 2022, 16:47

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2 replies

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Try searching for this operation in shop floor workbench (you can just enter the Operation ID in the Barcode field) and use the Close option from there. 

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@Björn Hultgren It worked, thank you very much :)