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  • 29 September 2022
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Is there a way to copy base profile changes to personal profile without doing any changes in Personal Profile?

For eg:

Let’s take ‘Active Work Order’ screen.

In Base Profile the layout is like:

Col1    Col2     Clo3    Col4    NewCol1     NewCol2


Personal Profile layout like:

Col2    Col1     Col3    Col4


So now I want to add these 2 new columns(NewCol1,NewCol2) in personal profile without changing it’s current layout like:

Col2    Col1     Clo3    Col4    NewCol1     NewCol2


Hope the question is clear enough. 


2 replies

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Hi @Prateek903 

yes, that is possible. But it is tricky. Therefore test it at first on your test environment.

Clickt with rmb on “Feature” and search for the data source (where you made the custom fields etc.).


Then choose any section which ends with Layout.

For example:

Now close it.

Then click with rmb on the folder Layout and select the menu copy values to profile.

Choose the user and click on OK.


This is the only way in IFS App10.

I hope it will help you.


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I have tried it already but either it is doing nothing or it is replacing complete profile setting to base profile setting for that screen. For me, ‘Replace existing entries’ is replacing everything and ‘keep existing entries’  is doing nothing. 

I am selecting profiles under ‘Has Base Profile xyz’