Best way to set security settings on Structure/ Routing- IFS Cloud

  • 3 October 2022
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Hi All,

Looking for some advise/ your thoughts:

Historically we have locked our Structure/Routing levels to Restricted.  We see this as impractical as it leaves us potentially un-flexible in conjunction to change requests, awaiting approval for minor changes. 

For the time being we are looking to move to enhanced. Allowing us to to make basic numeric changes on the structure and routing without being able to add or delete. This seems sensible, but simplistic seems fine as long as there is a level of trust. 

Have any of you set view only permissions to groups of people for Routing/ Structures? Is this easy to set up?  

Structure Routing security levels



Appreciate your thoughts!



2 replies

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Hi Mike, 

I like the idea of the log history. I hadn’t thought of that.

Thanks for your insight.



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Hi Alex,

Yes, that is always the “problem” with the differences between the processes of minor and major changes. In most cases, this can be solved by setting this to "Enhanced", as you suggested, and then querying a permission group via an event to see whether the user is authorised to make a change or not.
In addition, you can activate a log history for the relevant fields in the BOM lines so that you can see who changed what and when. This also prevents the employees from making changes just like that, even if it is not in accordance with the internal rules. This is because they will think more carefully about whether the way with a minor change is really right.

Greets, Mike