Serailaized Part in Inventory

  • 26 November 2019
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I am wondering if anyone has run into this or has some insight on how to resolve an issue we have. We are in environment IFS 9.

We have a serialized part that has a configuration attached to it. At some point we duplicated the serial in the live system. (Same serial number two different config numbers attached) due to the part numbers being connected one was the superior of the other someone decided to scrap the incorrect part out of the system. This made the serial number still in inventory unusable  we do not have the part physically so we need to get this off the books and out of inventory. The part has a current position of Unlocated and operational status of Scrapped, and operation condition non operational when looking in the part serial screen.

Any one have suggestions on how to remove from inventory?

I have already tried to scrap, count out and issue out the part.

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Hi Awagner,


The question I’m seeing that, how you duplicate the same serial number with different configurations. Though the configuration is different we can’t have two or more (same part number having) Inventory parts with one serial number.

Could you add your steps on how you created the scenario.


Before UPD15 of APP9 and still in APP10 we can create below behavior (We are creating a patch for this issue for APP10, and for APP9 it is already corrected). But it is not the same as what you have. However, if a part goes through the below steps, we are only left with data correction.

Test Steps:

create a serial  inventory part structure with top part , second level part and third level part
create a shop order for top part so that second level part will appear in 'materials' tab 
release the shop order > 'issue' material by RMB on material line ( eg serial 1)
go to Serial Maintenance Aware >make this serial aware and select infacility option.
then go to serial object >query for this part make this non operational and out of operation
create a WO> create a return line and return this part 
now since the part is in inventory , this can be issued through another shop order  which will make first shop order cannot be 'received' which is crucial for shop order process.