Project Deliverable Alternative Parts

  • 31 October 2019
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I have been approached by an existing customer, who has a specific problem that they need to address and are struggling to find a direct solution. They currently use Project Delivery to delivery different configured items to their customers. However the delivered product can comprise various combinations of parts and revisions within the product structure along with different alternatives for the structure. They have attempted to use Phase in Date (Using a Custom RMB) to align the dates for the different alternatives (which represent the different Engineering Part Revisions, however the revision increment upwards i.e. 1 to 2 to 3, but in many instances there revisions are 2 way alternatives) for the structures, however the issue that they experience is how to determine which Inventory part meets the requirement to 'build' the required product as they cannot determine the 'Revision' of the Inventory part needed to build the product at time of reserving or issuing to the shop-order. Has anyone addressed this issue previously and if so, how was it achieved

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Hi ADTony

As far as I understood that you have configurations, but you are not using Sales Rules, Configuration Structure Rules or Routing Operational Rules. If you define those, you can add the configuration values and let sales rules, Configuration Structure Rules or Routing Operational Rules to decide the Product structure component part/s or routing operation/s.