MRB VS Control Plan

  • 11 December 2019
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Hi everyone,

I am looking for some advise and real live example of the usage of MRB VS Control Plan.
We are in the process of developing a solution for our QA inspection in IFS and our consultant recommends MRB instead of Control Plan. I am hoping someone can help me understand when should MRB be used in place of Control Plan.



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Material Review Board is coming under Quality Assurance (a precautionary action). Control Plan is coming under Quality Control (a controlling action).


In simple terms, if you want to check a predefined specific property or a measurement of your parts in different stages such as Manufacturing, Purchasing and Inventory go for Control plans. It is a reliable feature which you can turn on and can’t avoid checking in some stages of your part lifecycle. Further you can implement ISO standards for quality, using IFS Control Plans.

MRB from quality assurance side, you can turn on whenever you want and use to process non-conformance material. Non-conformance material is defined as any raw material, part, component, or product with one or more characteristics that depart from the specification. Such material can be discovered or inadvertently created during the manufacturing process, inventory handling, or purchase receipt process.

Further, using MRB you can approve, return to the supplier, rework or scrap the reviewed material partially or completely. For example, if the total number of parts to be reviewed, is fifty, all fifty parts can be approved, scrapped, returned or reworked. Otherwise only twenty-five parts can be approved and the remaining twenty-five can be scrapped.


As a real example, I can add a control plan and measure the diameters of my manufactured pots in shop order manufacturing level quality controlling factor. If the diameter values, go beyond the limits I can go for a rework or scrap. If not, I can approve quality and ship the pots.

While I’m doing my manufacturing process, I notice some color change in my pots. Hence, I create a MRB at the Shop Order level and check for material property or color. If the test has been passed, I can ship the lot or rework, scrap.

Same thing in Purchasing and Inventory levels also.


As a summary, control plan is predefined and which we don’t avoid. MRB is something that we turn-on a request (on demand).