IFS APP 9 interface with SSO

  • 16 October 2019
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Hi there:  any one have experience or use SSO on IFS APP9?

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We have done it although it took a bit of doing to get it going.  Are you hosted in-house or out in the cloud?  We are on the IFS managed cloud so the experts at IFS were actually the ones that got it configured.  The whole process took a few months for us to get it implemented which isn’t typical from what I understand. 

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THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEED BACK. We run IFS in premises not in cloud.

we discuss this SSO question with IFS expert in 2019 User Group conferences and we get different answer from different people.

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I think that if you wanted to pursue it you could file a case with support and they could help you through it.  They had us set LDAP first which allowed the users to use their network password rather than their Oracle password to sign into IFS.  That helped to ensure that the communication with AD was happening.

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I’m not sure if you truly mean single sign-on SSO (i.e. you do not need to log in to IFS when you open it) or if you mean that you want to use your network/Active Directory account credentials to log in to IFS (which is what we have done for Apps9 and Apps10).  

The first scenario is a possible security risk because someone can open IFS on your PC without entering any credentials if you leave your PC unlocked.  The second scenario would prevent that because your network/AD credentials would need to be used to log in to IFS.  Of course, if you left your PC unlocked and IFS open then nothing can save you...

We found that the technical documentation that IFS provided for implementing network/AD authentication for both Apps9 and Apps10 was mostly complete and accurate.  In our case we are using Microsoft Azure AD as the authentication source and it is working well for us so far.

I would also suggest reposting this question in the ‘Technology’ group on here.  I suspect most technical community may not see your question in this ‘Products’ group.


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We have SSO implemented and we run IFS 9 in premises. We upgraded from IFD 7.5 to 9 in November 2017. The IFS team dealing with the upgrade configured IFS for SSO. I don’t think it was a major challenge for them. If you want I can find the name of the person that was in charge of configuring SSO for us in IFS.


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You can always refer the F1 Documentation to get a clear idea about how SSO will be configured in your environment.