Best way utilize IFS NCR for 8D method?

  • 8 December 2019
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We are trying to find the best way to utilize IFS Non Conformance Report for working according to the 8D-method. This is standard in the automotive industri and we are obliged to document according to this method. Has anyone else done this and found best practice for this in IFS?

We are thinking of a couple of alternatives:

  1. Create one action in the NCR, then create/process one CAPA for this but it doesn´t cover all the 8 steps.
  2. Create 8 actions in the NCR to represent the 8 steps in the method. Create CAPA actions for step 3 and 5 in the method if necessary. (It is a lot of steps/administration to handle each action)
  3. Create one NCR with one Capa, then create 8 actions in the CAPA.

2 replies

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Alternative 4: Develop a Configuration (Currently implementing)


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:relaxed:, yes thats always an alternative. Thanks for sharing the screendump. We will consider this. I think we would need to add a status on each step in the process and the person id for the responsible person. (We have the ambition to build a lobby page for the quality responsible at each department.)