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  • 22 July 2021
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Dear All,


Aurena applications 10 does not include a benefit administration component.

How can I link a third-party medical insurance provider with IEE Benefit Administration?

Please share this information or document if you have it.


Thanks in Advance




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Hi there,


If you want to use the Benefit section in IEE, then you need to set up some basic data first. Start by adding your insurance provider as a supplier. Once you have done that you can create your Benefit Provider by selecting the supplier id from the list of values.

Next are your Benefit Options. Create options that will indicate the level of membership. Which ones will depend on the insurance details. It could be something like Single/Family with the option item being Gold/Silver/Bronze etc.

The Benefit Plan Categories are not mandatory but can come in handy if you want to group your benefits for reporting purposes. So that could be Health or Medical, Pension, Dental etc. depending on how you want to group them.


Once that is all done you start setting up the Benefit Plan where you pull all together, provider , options and items, validity of the plan and eligibility rules.


Hope this helps.